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Assassin’s Creed 3 Meets Parkour in Real Life – Justin J. Johnson Responds To YouTube Comments

Justin Responds To Nicole Westbrook’s, “It’s Thanksgiving”

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The Mirror

Six One Way

The Mountain Pique

Pumpkin With a Piercing

The Headless Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

The Headless Mouse

Headless Crow

The Headless Horse

How we roll…

Sleep Hapnea

Problem Solution

Turtle Fins…

The China Shop

Invisible Man

The Sassparagus

The Stray Bullet

Germaphobe Kleenex

The Rest of the Story…

Justin Reviews An Indie Album Based On Its Indie Cover Art

Bossa NOva

No Bacardi, The Party Will Not Continue!

Greg’s Favorite Sketches: Unbelievable Dinner

The Exit Sign

Greg’s Favorite Sketches: Carpet Monkey

AT&T isn’t as bad as people say. It just requires certain…arrangements.

Greg’s Favorite Sketches: Jack Sparrow

Greg’s Favorite Sketches: Pre-Taped Call In Show

Greg’s Favorite Sketches: Chaka vs. Bee Gees

Waterfront Property…

Act Your Age!

Rigor Tortoise Returns to the LA Improv Festival


Wandton Soup

Wind Chime

My Favorite Moment from Yesterday’s Fast and Furious Event

It’s happening… Every Fast and Furious Movie: 2 Fast 2 Furious

A Very Important Chart Regarding Greg and Eggs


Rigor Tortoise is a Tight Knit Group

DJ Plastron… Spinnin the (turtle) Wax!

Grown Ocean

What’s Going On In There?

Ghost Nudist Colony

Our very first Podcast Interview

Look out Dallas!

Going First Class…

Snakes Rocking Out

Gallagher reaps what he sewed…

You like the Reggie Watts? How bout some Dub Fx…

Justin Reviews An Indie Album Based On Its Indie Cover Art

The Real Lincoln Lawyer

Poignant Quotes From A Hat


Rigor Foxes for Fleet Tortoises

Justin Reviews An Indie Album Based On Its Indie Cover Art

The Real Number Four

A Stream of Consciousness to End the World (Year?)!

A Soooooo Indie Christmas…

Creepy Cringle Cavalcade!

Tips and Tricks for the New Year…

Just be Yourself!

Knock Knock…

Rigor Tortoise is Hipper Than You Think!

New 3D Glasses

It’s In The Blood…

Friday Night at the Prop King?

Minimalist Muppets

Why Are You All Camping?


I know October is over

I’ll level with you guys …

Take a bite of this apple

Which Turtle is the dream-boatiest?

Let us into your computer!

Is There Anybody Out There?

RT Presents: Jokes Adam Told When He Was 15

Rubbin’s Racin’

Another wrinkle in the birthday suit…

Taking things slow…

Download the PARTY WORLD mp3!

Rigor Tortoise 4th Quarter Budget Analysis

Indie Is, As Indie Does

Rigor Tortoise Calls Upon You!

The Sharpie Store

Behn Gets Director Spotlighted!

For your enjoyment on a late October evening…

Things They Didn’t Say: Sylvia Plath Edition

Columbus Day is a Mystery That Needs Solving!

Bear Claw

We’re 50 Videos Old and Brandon Hardesty is Helping Us Celebrate!

The Cocky Keyman

Ghostbusters 3 Casting Scoop – RT Member Justin Johnson in Talks

My Dream

Coexisting: Crabs and Humans

It’s A Fight…

Broken Social Scene vs. Arcade Fire…

What Behn and Dustin were doing before Rigor Tortoise…

Search For Comedy

Justin’s Inventions!

Behn Fannin goes through some “Changes.”

Great Netflix User Reviews: Family Films Edition

How We Keep in Touch

Joke That Should Have Worked!

Time-Traveling Turtles!

A Big Show

Adam is an Unstoppable Force


The Guy Who Has an Overactive Imagination and Tells Chris Rock Jokes

Saturday Mornings

It’s finally here.

We know when it's real.

…Water Conservationist…

Answering Movie Title Questions

Answering Movie Title Questions

Things They Didn't Say: Carl Friedrich Gauss Edition

Answering Movie Title Questions

Advice for Hollywood by Greg's Dad : Avatar Edition

Justin Reviews An Indie Album Based On Its Indie Cover Art

The Annoying Husband

Get Sweaty

The Ghost Who Can't Grab Things

Name Calling

NASCAR – Never Ask Sacred Cows About Rigors?

Big Dee – little ay – double ell – ay – ess

Things They Didn't Say: Martin Luther Edition

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